New Drywell Installation - Torrent Resources

New Drywell Installation

With thousands of MaxWell® drywells constructed, Torrent remains at the forefront of drainage design and installation. Our crews have decades of drywell experience and other stormwater drainage knowledge to provide and install quality products. Many of our employees have been employed with Torrent Resources for more than 20 years and are well cross-trained in various aspects of construction.

Torrent has a fleet of drill rigs ranging from bucket augers to large, track mounted rotary augers for harsh soil conditions. In areas where previous contractors attempted to blast for sewer lines, Torrent’s soil mecs were able to drill through these tough conditions.

Each and every project completed by Torrent involves a team effort of stormwater professionals. The staff is highly qualified in municipal requirements, designing a system to meet specific drainage criteria, installing with an eye for detail and testing drywells to predict their drainage capabilities.