Envibro System Torrent Resources

New Drywell Installation

Envibro System

The specialized Envibro® System is manufactured and installed exclusively by Torrent Resources. This product is intended for applications where petroleum products are stored or dispensed while preventing environmental drainage catastrophes in the event of a fuel spill. The design incorporates a pollution prevention feature which provides fail-safe protection to prevent organic compounds that are received by the system from contaminating groundwater.

The Envibro System is designed in three different configurations, sized according to the contributory surface area and the total volume of water that must be processed during normal storm events. The three sizes offered are the Envibro 20, 40 and 80.

Drainage flows are received into the Collector. This chamber has hydrophobic pillows filled with Imbiber Beads® by Imbibitive Technologies Corp and is interconnected to the second component called the Primary Separator Chamber. Inflow then passes to the Filtration Chamber, which also has hydrophobic pillows filled with Imbiber Beads and is equipped with Silt Filters to trap out fine particulate matter. The stormwater is then directed into the Imbibation Chamber, where it must pass through a drainage field of polymer beads prior to reaching the drywell. If no petroleum constituents are present, the water will pass freely through the drain beds of polymer beads into the drywell, where it will ultimately be recharged into the subsoils. However if active petroleum based organic liquids are present, the pollution prevention feature of the Envibro System will be automatically activated. As the beads expand, a stop valve is formed within the bead bed that chokes off the flow and prevents the inflow from reaching the drywell. This protective feature requires no power source or human reaction for activation, and is entirely effective against groundwater pollution.