Torrent Resources MaxWell Drywells | Arizona, California, Nationwide

Our solutions run deep



Torrent Resources, a full-service Stormwater Solutions Provider specializes in the construction of stormwater infiltration BMPs for the pretreatment and recharge of excess surface water. Torrent’s two standard BMPs are the MaxWell® IV and the MaxWell® Plus drywell systems, which are intended to receive, treat and infiltrate normal stormwater runoff. Other unique models include the Envibro® System for areas where petroleum products are stored or dispensed and the economical MiniMax® Area Drain for areas with small drainage problems.

Torrent also provides unmatched expertise in the construction of hi-tech municipal recharge wells and has completed numerous projects in the greater Southwest. In addition to new drywell installations, the Company also operates a Service and Maintenance Division with its own hydrovactor trucks and offers comprehensive drainage maintenance services.

Since 1972, Torrent has installed thousands of MaxWell drywells throughout Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas. More than 99% of these drywells remain in service today. Field-proven efficiency has made the MaxWell the overwhelming choice of specifying Civil Engineers and Municipalities in the West. As the leading drywell contractor with over 75,000 systems installed, Torrent has defined drywell design, installation, service and maintenance. With the largest fleet of equipment in the market, experienced construction crews and professional field supervisors, we are the experts when it comes to drainage solutions.