Municipal Recharge

Vadose Zone Drywells For Treated Effluent

Replenish Groundwater

In the face of record drought conditions and ever changing weather patterns, recovery and reuse of treated effluent has become more vital every day. As a result, community planners have increasingly turned to municipal recharge systems in order to supplement and replenish groundwater reserves. To help meet these demands, Torrent Resources specializes in the construction and installation of high-tech vadose zone recharge wells which can deliver large processing volumes. These recharge wells require much less land surface for installation, and have significantly lower development and maintenance costs.

Municipal recharge systems are intended to operate continuously around the clock. The treated effluent is typically delivered to these recharge wells from a nearby water treatment facility. The intake flows are then further improved via soil aquifer treatment on the way down to groundwater replenishment. Individual well recovery rates in excess of 1,000 acre feet per year have already been achieved, which translates into more than one million gallons per day.

Over the past few decades, Torrent has become instrumental in the construction of these facilities. In fact, the Company has been on the forefront of recharge technology and has successfully completed numerous full‐scale recovery projects for multiple clients in both private and municipal sectors.