Nuisance Water Solution

The MiniMax® Area Drain, a budget-friendly solution for eliminating nuisance water which ultimately leads to mosquitos and landscape damage. What sets it apart from temporary fixes like French Drains or seepage pits is that this drainage structure is fully maintainable with the large diameter width it offers. In the future, should a more full scale solution be needed, the area drain can be connected to a newly drilled drywell to create a dual chamber MaxWell® Plus System.

Considerations for selection of the Area Drain include:

  • Maximum overall excavation depth of 18 feet
  • Maximum overall chamber depth of 10 feet
  • Infiltration rate depends on soil conditions
  • Installation of filter sleeve available for areas with unstable soil conditions

Regional drainage requirements mandate stormwater to be off the surface within 12-48 hours. This makes the MiniMax® Area Drain an excellent solution for staying in compliance. While no other products can match the effectiveness of the MaxWell® Type IV or the MaxWell® Plus, when it comes to nuisance water, the MiniMax® is an economical solution that actually works!